Roger and Deb


We have, and will continue to breed, the most recognizable, prominent and proven bloodlines available.

We have a long history of successful cutting horse breeding operations. Since retiring from cutting horses after 30+ years, we are now excited to apply our experience to breeding quality Brittanys.

We are currently competing in National Shoot To Retrieve (NSTRA) Trials with a great deal of success exceeding expectations.

We live in an area that has a bird dog culture. Arkansas used to have an abundance of wild quail; now hunters enjoy the many preserves in the area.

As you look over the list of the best available bloodlines (i.e. Nolan’s Last Bullet, Tequila’s Joker HOF, Grand Junction Jake, Rimardas Trademark HOF, Beans Blaze HOF) you no doubt will find a pup that meets your criteria and at a price within your budget. We believe that you will find what you are looking for at Otter Creek Brittanys.

We have the time and desire to be part of the selection process for your next pup. Laying out between $500 and $1000 is a poor way to spend your money if you don’t get a good pup and have a development plan for the life of the dog. Let us help you.

We will always price our pups competitively. When you shop around look for proven bloodlines and reputable breeders. We think that we meet that criteria.