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This quantity examines the financial historical past of a giant empire positioned on the crossroads of intercontinental exchange from the fourteenth century until eventually the top of worldwide battle I. It covers all areas of the empire from the Balkans via Anatolia, Syria, Egypt and the Gulf to the Maghrib. the results of financial advancements for social and political background also are mentioned in the course of the quantity. this can be a big and pathbreaking publication through probably the most exclusive fiscal historians within the box.

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The case of the of®cial price ceiling (narh) lists provides an excellent example in this respect. After collecting a few of these from the court archives, many have assumed that narh was a permanent ®xture of urban economic life. In fact, my recent searches through all of the more than thousand registers of three of Istanbul's courts, those of the Old City, È skudar from the ®fteenth through mid-nineteenth centuries Galata, and U indicate that narh lists were not prepared regularly. They were issued primarily during extraordinary periods of instability and distress in the 45 available from LuÈt® GuÈcËer, XVI.

In monetary affairs, the government ®rst adopted bimetallism and then moved towards the gold standard, along with many other states around the world. The monetary currents and problems as well as the nature of monetary institutions or arrangements were profoundly different during each of these centuries. For this reason, I will identify in this volume ®ve distinct time 20 A Monetary History of the Ottoman Empire periods and treat the issues of each separately. Even though this periodization has been de®ned, above all, in terms of the prevailing monetary arrangements, I will show that it also coincides, to a large extent, with the broad trends in economic history during these six centuries.

1300 to 1477 Silver based and relatively stable currency (akcËe) of an emerging state on the trade routes of Anatolia and the Balkans. 1477 to 1585 Gold, silver, and copper coinage during a period of economic, ®scal, and political strength; the uni®cation of gold coinage, the ultimate symbol of sovereignty, the emergence of different silver currency zones within the Empire; the development of intensive networks of credit in and around urban centers. 1585 to 1690 Monetary instability arising from ®scal, economic, and political dif®culties compounded by the adverse effects of intercontinental movements of specie; the disappearance of the akcËe and increasing circulation in the Ottoman markets of foreign coins and their debased versions.

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