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By Carlos Fiolhais, Fernando Nogueira, Miguel A.L. Marques

Density useful idea (DFT) is by means of now a well-established procedure for tackling the quantum mechanics of many-body structures. initially utilized to compute houses of atoms and easy molecules, DFT has fast turn into a piece horse for extra complicated purposes within the chemical and fabrics sciences. the current set of lectures, spanning the complete diversity from uncomplicated ideas to relativistic and time-dependent extensions of the speculation, is the precise advent for graduate scholars or nonspecialist researchers wishing to familiarize themselves with either the fundamental and so much complicated recommendations during this box.

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141) can be estimated from the Madelung electrostatic and zero-point vibrational energies of the Wigner crystal, respectively. 142) 10 can be found from the electrostatic energy of a neutral spherical cell: Just add the electrostatic self-repulsion 3/5rs of a sphere of uniform positive background (with radius rs ) to the interaction −3/2rs between this background −3/2 and the electron at its center. 141) is also simple: Think of the potential energy of the electron at small distance u from the center of the sphere as −3/2rs + 12 ku2 , where k is a spring constant.

40). 103) where r1 = γr and r1 = γr . 59). 43). Thus the constrained search for the unscaled density maps into the constrained search for the scaled density, and [38] Ts [nγ ] = γ 2 Ts [n] . 65). By the argument of the min last paragraph, Φmin nγ is the scaled version of Φn . Since also Vˆee (γr1 , . . , γrN ) = γ −1 Vˆee (r1 , . . 103), we find [38] Ex [nγ ] = γ Ex [n] . 106) In the high-density (γ → ∞) limit, Ts [nγ ] dominates U [nγ ] and Ex [nγ ]. An example would be an ion with a fixed number of electrons N and a nuclear charge Z which tends to infinity; in this limit, the density and energy become essentially hydrogenic, and the effects of U and Ex become relatively negligible.

LSD has worked well in solid state applications for thirty years. Our conservative philosophy of GGA construction is to try to retain all the correct features of LSD, while adding others. In particular, we retain the correct uniform-gas limit, for two reasons: (1) This is the only limit in which the restricted GGA form can be exact. (2) Nature’s data set includes the crystalline simple metals like Na and Al. The success of the stabilized jellium model [85] reaffirms that the valence electrons in these systems are correlated very much as in a uniform gas.

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