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By M. Gasteier, S. Liao, X. Song on the crossing distribution problem, J.-Y. Jou on two-level logic minimization for low power, F. Vahid on procedure cloning, Q. Wang, G. Yeap on power reduction and power delay trade-offs, others M. Glesner

Significant reports by means of top overseas desktop scientists.

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Pk ) in the x- y plane, where Pi dominates Pi−1 is called a k-chain. Definition 3. Given a set of points in the x- y plane, among all chains of length k that exist within this set, the k-chain with the maximum total of weights is called the maximum weighted k-chain. The weights are those attached to each point in our formulation. Having created a set of points in the plane as explained above, the schedule for the path is generated by finding the maximum weighted k-chain within this point set.

Ruan et al. precomputation does not account for the power dissipation of pipeline registers. Conversely, bipartition and bipartition single/dual-encoding architectures separate the combinational logic to ensure they will not influence each other. In addition, bipartition signal/dual-encoding architectures also take the power dissipation of pipeline registers into account by applying a codec structure, which significantly reduces power dissipation. Our accurate transistor-level simulations demonstrate the practical impact of the partition and encoding approaches in lowering the power of pipelined circuits.

O. Memik et al. Fig. 3. (a) Bipartite graph representing the matching between operations in a path and control steps. (b) A noncrossing bipartite matching between operations and control steps. Op6 and Op9 . The earliest possible matching for the parent operation is to control step 2. Therefore, there cannot be any edge between the child operation, Op9 , and any control step earlier or equal to control step 2. Also, as operations from extracted paths are scheduled, their start and finish times restrict the intervals of control steps within which their predecessors and successors need to be scheduled.

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