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If there is no positive entry in the q-th c o l m , then none of the previous basic variables will decrease and w e can increase the variable xj indefinitely, yielding ever increasing values of the objective functicn. Detecting this situation in step (ii), there is no reason to continue the procedure. 18) we can express the new coordinates a iM old ones, resulting in the relationship Since z9-cq is negative and aw and a pM in terms of the is positive, the sign of the change in the objective function depends on the sign o f am.

T h e determinant is cwnputed by det(f4) = N TI A(1,I) 1 4 , where cI(0,0) affects only the sign. The resulting matrix is printed a5 stored, in a packed form. It it is easy t o recqnise U T h e elements of L are stored with opposite . signs, and in the order they originally appeared in the Gaussian elimination. 1 Solution of matrix equations We can use the LU decomposition to solve the equation clx = b very efficiently, where cl is a nonsingular square matrix. 45) P . 55) U x = d . 54). The next d u l e performs these .

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