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By Robert J. Milch

Some of the most winning playwrights of old Greece, Aeschylus wrote approximately ninety performs, yet this day merely 7 continue to exist. Credited with introducing a moment actor onstage, his performs retell the battles, victories, and social ramifications of existence within the golden days of Athens. those performs are 2,500 years outdated and nonetheless played, for they converse on to the human psyche.

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What similarities are there between the endings of Agamemnon and The Choephori? What is the moral dilemma at the close of The Choephori? 23. Who speaks the prologue to The Eumenides? How does this speech generalize Orestes' predicament into a conflict between old and new conceptions of justice? 24. How is dramatic interest shifted away from the fate of Orestes in the conversation between Orestes and Apollo in the first scene of The Eumenides? What conflict is made the central theme of the play?

There are six for conviction, six for acquittal. Athene votes for acquittal also and Orestes is declared a free man. The former defendant joyfully thanks Athene and solemnly vows that for all time the people of Argos, his homeland, will be the friends and allies of the Athenians. He wishes the best of success and fortune to Athens, then leaves with Apollo. com Commentary Since one purpose of this scene is to give the prestige of divine sanction to the legal processes in Athens, this trial has many similarities to the way in which trials were actually conducted in the time of Aeschylus.

The chorus ask whether Apollo has considered how one who has shed his mother's blood, an act of absolute finality for which there is no atonement, can ever again return to his homeland or participate in religious rituals. Apollo answers that the mother is not a blood relation of the child, but only the nurse of the seed planted in her by the true parent, the father. Thus Orestes has incurred no bloodguilt. As proof of this doctrine, Apollo cites Athene herself, for legend said that she was born full-grown from the forehead of her father, Zeus.

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