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By Euripides

This quantity of 3 of Euripides' such a lot celebrated performs deals swish, budget friendly, metrical translations that exhibit the wide variety of results of the playwright's verse, from the idiomatic speech of its discussion to the excessive formality of its choral odes.

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It’s sweet to see the ones we love at night, even in sleep, even very briefly. 20 The hound 365 370 375 [334–360] 20. The singer Orpheus lost his wife, Eurydice, to a snakebite. Overwhelmed with grief, Orpheus descended to the Underworld and asked Hades and Persephone (Demeter’s daughter) for the return of Eurydice. Charmed by his songs, they agreed, on the condition that Orpheus not look back at Eurydice until he and his wife reach the surface of the earth. He cannot resist looking back, and she returns to the dead.

You love these children as much as I, if you have any sense. Let them be the masters of my home. Don’t remarry. 19 I beg you, please, don’t do this, whatever else you do. A second wife, a stepmother, is hostile to her predecessor’s children—she’s a viper. iv But you, my daughter, how will you grow up to womanhood? What kind of wife will your father marry after me? Let’s hope she doesn’t, in the blossom of your youth, cast some disgraceful slander on your name and ruin utterly your hopes of marriage.

DEATH: Those who could afford it would die old. APOLLO: So. You refuse to do me this one favor? 65 DEATH: I do refuse. Remember who I am. APOLLO: Oh yes. Despised by gods, detested by men. DEATH: You can’t have what isn’t yours by right. 70 APOLLO: You’ll lose this one, for all your ruthlessness. 7 7. King Eurystheus of Tiryns is a cousin of the hero Heracles and the master for whom Heracles must perform his Twelve Labors. While there is no canonical version of the labors’ motivation, Alcestis makes no reference to Heracles needing to atone for the murders of his family, so it likely engages the version that had Heracles serving Eurystheus because Zeus boasted just SvarleinEuripies-00Bk Page 7 Tuesday, July 17, 2007 12:04 PM [68–88] ALCESTIS 7 Admetus’ house will make this guest feel welcome, and he’ll take back Admetus’ wife by force.

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