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By Harry Kybett

For nearly 30 years, this publication has been a vintage textual content for electronics fans. Now thoroughly up-to-date for today?s know-how with effortless motives and offered in a extra straight forward structure, this 3rd version is helping you study the necessities you must paintings with digital circuits. All you would like is a basic knowing of electronics thoughts comparable to Ohm?s legislation and present circulation, and an acquaintance with first-year algebra. The question-and-answer layout, illustrative experiments, and self-tests on the finish of every bankruptcy make it effortless that you can examine at your personal pace.

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32. 13 includes an open switch. 13 Questions A. What is the voltage at point A and point B? B. How much current is flowing through the switch? C. What is the voltage drop across the switch? Answers A. VA = 10 V; VB = 0 V B. No current is flowing because the switch is open. C. 10 V. If the switch is open, point A is the same voltage as the positive battery terminal and point B is the same voltage as the negative battery terminal. 33. 14 includes a single pole double throw switch. The position of the switch determines whether lamp A or lamp B is lit.

3 V C. D. ) 15. 7 V. The assumption here is that the diode is a perfect diode, and the knee voltage is at 0 V rather than at a threshold value that must be exceeded. As discussed later, this assumption is often used in many electronic designs. Questions A. 16. 16 VD = _____ V = Vs − VD = _____ ID = _____ B. 16. VD = _____ VR = Vs − VD = _____ ID = _____ Answers A. 3 mA B. 0 V; 10 V; 10 mA; 10 mA 16. The difference in the values of the two currents found in problem 15 is less than 10 percent of the total current.

B. 3 Ω = 14 V C. Both have reduced in value. 29. In many applications, a lowering of voltage across the lamp (or some other component) may be unacceptable. 27. 27 If you choose a 20 V zener (that is, one that has a 20 V drop across it), then the lamp will always have 20 V across it, no matter what the output voltage is from the generator (provided, of course, that the output from the generator is always above 20 V).

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