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Turks are, as is generally thought, a ferocious peo ple, but on account of the crowd and confusion, the narrowness of the streets, and the fact that you may, some one, in consequence thereof, excite the ire of you do not know whom (he may be a Bedouin or or you worse), by running your horse against him ; of some pious Mussul may bring down the vengeance man upon you on account of your horse s hoofs set ting one of his canine neighbors to howling. Everybody has heard of the dogs of Constantino the city swarms with them.

The faithful representation of men; the adroit brush that and futile ever would defy the most made the canvas glow with would be any attempt of to delineate them. , ous costumes, positions, life, 69 my feeble Turks, Armenians, Greeks, Jews, Arabs, and Albanians, are there gathered the pen gaudy costumes of their ; clad in respective countries, standing, walking, squatting d la Turque, smoking, and all, save the pro drinking coffee and sherbet foundly grave Turks, breaking out into the most im ; moderate fits of laughter at the surprising feats and antics of a couple of Arab wizards, who, with wild looks and actions, and in wilder guttural tones, are astonishing their senses.

One-half of our aft deck, it being separated by a temporary partition from the other half, or first class passenger part, was completely covered with mat tresses, over which were strewn men, women, and children, reclining at night, and squatting d la Turque through the day. When we had fairly stopped, there 5 was a general PER A. , running in contact with each other, quarrelling, crying out to the pas sengers, shrieking in all languages ; thus rendering the scene a perfect Babel. In an hour or two we found ourselves deserted by most of the caiques and passengers, leaving us sur rounded by soliciting we had despatched, as hotel agents, whom we soon pretty well learned, during our travels on the continent, how to proceed in quest of quarters without the assistance of a dozen advisers.

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