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Does the music exist because the creators felt that they just had to create it-never minding about an audience .. if so . why? We ask why, not because of criticism but because, as we have already observed, music can prophesy future sociological and teclmical trends and so perform a most beneficial role- but to gain the benefit we mllst keep asking Why? Why? Why? of every new fashion 111 musIc. So many, many questions . and so many points of view on this subject of modern composition. We could spend much of this book musing upon it ...

It needs great detachment and great serenity to watch one's own thoughts without becoming emotionally 'involved'. As W,erner Heisenberg said: 'we have to remember that what we observe IS not nature herself, but nature exposed to our method of questioni~1( . Our questioning depends on our personal wavepattern, because It IS by using this for intennodulation that we are able to quest at. ~ll. So, whether we be men or women, we need to flnd that tranqUlll~ty of mind which allows us to look at ourselves from a stand pomt which will reveal a truthful observation, We need to learn to control the volume of feedback while, at the same time, shifting the viewing point from hannonic to harmonic of our fonnant range, .

Our memory re-recordings appear to follow the same rules. he time lapse of memory, luckily for us, usually has a smoothmg, mellowing effect. The memories which seem to last longest are not the complex ones, but are those memories ... the childhood ones ... which were recorded with extreme claritY-Isolated events which, at the time, completely held our concentration, for our young hrains were not cluttered up with the countless day to day worries of adult life. These childhood events have often been remembered by us, from time to time-so they have been reinforc~d by retrieval and loud playback, before being returned once agam to the memory feedback circuits.

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