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By Jean-Paul Sartre

With a brand new preface by means of Michael Walzer

Jean-Paul Sartre's publication is an excellent portrait of either anti-Semite and Jew, written by means of a non-Jew and from a non-Jewish standpoint. not anything of the anti-Semite both in his refined shape as a snob, or in his crude shape as a gangster, escapes Sartre's sharp eye, and the total challenge of the Jew's courting to the Gentile is tested in a concrete and dwelling method, instead of when it comes to sociological abstractions.

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Once acquired, it is perpetually in question: a false step, an error, and it flies away. Without respite, from the beginning of our lives to the end, we are responsible for what merit we enjoy. Now the anti‐Semite flees responsibility as he flees his own consciousness, and choosing for his personality the permanence of rock, he chooses for his morality a scale of petrified values. Whatever he does, he knows that he will remain at the top of the ladder; whatever the Jew does, he will never get any higher than the first rung.

If he builds a bridge, that bridge, being Jewish, is bad from the first to the last span. The same action carried out by a Jew and by a Christian does not have the same meaning in the two cases, for the Jew contaminates 23 all that he touches with an I‐know‐not‐what execrable quality. The first thing the Germans did was to forbid Jews access to swimming pools; it seemed to them that if the body of an Israelite were to plunge into that confin6d body of water, the water would be completely befouled.

The Jew also is holy in his manner — holy like the untouchables, like savages under the interdict of a taboo. Thus the conflict is raised to a religious plane, and the end of the combat can be nothing other than a holy destruction. 30 The advantages of this position are many. To begin with, it favours laziness of mind. We have seen that the anti‐ Semite understands nothing about modern society. He would be incapable of conceiving of a constructive plan; his action cannot reach the level of the methodical; it remains on the ground of passion.

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