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By James D. Batteas, Chris A. Michaels, Gilbert C. Walker

Applications of Scanned Probe Microscopy to Polymers stresses the research of polymer and biopolymer surfaces utilizing the ever-expanding methodologies of scanned probe microscopies. This e-book comprises experiences of optical houses via near-field methodologies, neighborhood mechanical homes of polymer movies via AFM, the dynamics and mechanics of unmarried molecules probed through AFM, and methodologies for more suitable imaging modes. a chief concentration of this publication is the quantitative dimension of floor houses through scanned probe concepts, which illustrates how the sector has developed and what new demanding situations lie forward. purposes of Scanned Probe Microscopy to Polymers should be priceless to scholars and pros trying to find stories that illustrate what kinds of polymer fabric homes should be probed by means of scanned probe microscopies.

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Based on the far-field spectra of PS and PMMA a rough estimate for the expected absorbance contrast between this particle and the film is only a few percent, although even this level of contrast is not evident in the measured spectra. The conclusion that the near-field IR imaging of this composite in the C-H stretching region is dominated by sources of contrast other than absorbance is independent of the scanning mode. This finding has obvious implications for the utility of this technique for chemical imaging, suggesting that for some sample/wavelength combinations, the contrast that carries the desired chemical information will be obscured by other sources of contrast.

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